No Way Out

Political thriller

Finalist, Enderby Entertainment Award, 2013 Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition

Finalist, 2013 Equal Writes screenplay competition

In a near-future New York City on the verge of becoming a dictatorship, single mother Lena Vallejo must find her boyfriend and turn him in to the police, or face terrible consequences.



Top 10%, 2012 Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting Competition

Top 10% (Second Round), 2012 Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition

War reporter Sarah Koval is trying to rebuild her life after being nearly killed in the crossfire of a Baghdad shootout. Unable to come to terms with what happened, she begins investigating the circumstances of the shooting and comes to believe there is more to the incident than meets the eye.


Single-location thriller

Maggie is a CIA interrogator who’s told everyone she knows, including her husband, that she’s a humanitarian worker for the UN. Tariq is one of her victims, who’s tracked her to her suburban Virginia home, intent on revenge. But things don’t go the way anyone expects.



Cass Marcel’s slacker life is upended when she begins having terrifying visions.  Her quest to discover the truth will unearth a family secret and put her in the crosshairs of a group of evil scientists bent on using her psychic abilities for their own purposes.

Receiver is a Notable Project on Amazon Studios. You can download the script here.

Gaza Sunrise

Political thriller

Irish-Palestinian expat Moira Shaheed returns home to the Occupied Territories and risks being drawn back into the militant lifestyle that almost killed her when she becomes involved in a plot to break the siege of the Gaza Strip using high explosives.

Contact Laura to inquire about any of the available screenplays above.

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