Welcome to lauradurkay.com

Hi folks! Guess what? I made a website.

As I’m finishing up my first short film, One Night, and increasingly working on other projects I’d like to showcase all in one place, I decided the time had come for a professional website. The “blog” portion is not intended as a replacement for my personal blog (on which I still hope to post something…some day). The posts here will focus exclusively on my film work.

Once One Night gets rolling on the festival circuit, I expect this blog to be a great place to keep up with where the film is screening and get a sneak peak inside the festival world as I experience it for the first time. For now, why don’t you check out our campaign for finishing funds on Indiegogo? The campaign is doing great, but we still have 5 days left to keep raising money. If you can throw some love in the money form our way, that would be much appreciated!

More soon…

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