Script Consulting

Take Your Script to the Next Level

Laura offers script consultation and development services to filmmakers at all levels of experience. She has studied with working film and television writers in the studio and independent film worlds in both Los Angeles and New York, written numerous feature scripts, and produced low-budget independent shorts and features.

In your customized consultation session, Laura will work with you to understand your goals for the material (preparing for production, submitting to agents, managers or contests, rewriting to improve a specific aspect of the work) and provide suggestions to move your script forward. She will help you identify the strengths of your material and use time-tested story analysis tools to help you tell your story better.

The script consultation service includes:

– A brief pre-reading chat to understand your goals with the material

– Written notes on your script’s strengths and weaknesses, with suggestions for development

– Script development consultation in person (if in NYC) or via phone or Skype

Email her for rates and to request services.


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